Multi-Colored-Animal (MCA) is “Repurposed Style” – creating custom headbands for unique people. Based in Arizona, we source unique t-shirts locally and across the country. We individually crop, cut, serge and triple-stitch these lucky t-shirts into headbands with a perfect four-layer thickness featuring pre-existing graphics as the focal point across the front, finished with an adjustable fastening connection and woven patch in the back (two sizes – 1.5″ and 2″ widths, standard lengths). Each headband is one-of-a-kind – something new and different. Headband listings include pre-production photos of the t-shirts they were repurposed from, providing interesting context for each piece, and a filter system for narrowing the one-of-a-kind gallery based on size, color and subject matter of the featured imagery – click the One-of-a-kind Tab to check it out. We also fulfill wholesale custom orders making headbands with your logos/graphics for maximized promotional power – click the Wholesale-Custom Tab for options and the custom gallery. We also take individual custom orders to repurpose t-shirts from your personal collection into headbands – click the Custom Tab for instructions.


Diversity in the world of Music, Creativity and Art is to be embraced and promoted. It’s the freedom to take pieces of things seen, heard and done before, chew them up, and push the boundaries of originality to create something different, exciting and cool. We attend and participate in music festivals, artisan collectives, fashion shows, and other events to personally support and expand our community. We’re building a network of creative people and businesses helping each other succeed – click the Profiles Tab to learn more and connect. An owl is featured in our logo – when a group of owls come together, it’s known as a Parliament. Join the MCA Parliament. Wear MCA. Be MCA.